Talking Trash and Preserving Paradise With St. John Valet Waste Services


CRUZ BAY ­— An entirely new and incredibly green approach to trash pickup will be making its way to St. John.

St. John Valet Waste Services, a trash and recycling pickup service operated by Adam English, Davy Turner, and Eric Whaite; aims to provide waste removal in a consistent, hassle-free, and satisfactory manner.

The service offers trash pickup from a location selected by the customer, directly to the St. John transfer facility on specified dates.

“Our process take pressure off of both our customers and the dumpsters scattered along the island. We’ll even include a free trash receptacle” explained Adam English.

Items they will pick up include but is not limited to general trash, couches and other furniture, electronic wastes, and appliances.

A partnership with the Island Green Living Association (IGLA) enables St. John Valet Waste Services to easily handle recyclables as well.

Recyclables will picked up from customers and delivered to IGLA recycling center, instead of a landfill.

“We will work alongside IGLA and grow our capabilities as IGLA’s recycling efforts expand beyond cans, into plastic, glass, paper, etc.” a flyer for the business states.

Those who sign up for trash pickup will receive recyclable pickup for free.

Though the business only launched recently, it is a yearlong dream that has finally come to fruition.

“We worked on it for a year,” said Adam English. “we wanted to make sure we were completely ready, so preparation somewhat delayed things”.

“We aim to provide a service that is both needed and wanted on the island. We hope that it will leave a long-term positive impact by increasing recycling efforts and green living.”

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