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St. John Resident Adds $5,000 To Jimmy Malfetti Reward Amount, Now Totaling $30,000


A St. John resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, has added $5,000 to the reward for information about the January 18 murder of Jimmy Malfetti. The reward now stands at $30,000.

The island resident contacted the Malfetti family by email at, writing, “My family is praying for your family and Jimmy.  We are residents of St. John and would like to add $5,000 to your reward. A lot of locals are praying for you and share the same concerns you’ve expressed.”

Rosemary Malfetti, Jimmy’s mother, expressed her family’s feelings, saying “This expression of caring and generosity has left us speechless with gratitude. Everyone’s prayers bring us a measure of comfort and are a powerful force for hope during this tragic time.”

The Malfetti family has received many other messages from USVI residents, urging them to press on with their efforts. Residents have conveyed their own tales of frustration and fear, such as:  

“We hope the many wonderful people that consider the USVI home will engage in this battle for justice, and demand more from their civic employees that pledge to serve & protect the islands they love & call home.”

“We wish you strength and peace as you search for truth and justice. You are not alone. We feel for you.”

“It is a true shame that the VIPD will not ask for the help that it needs.”

“Never give up, you have support.”

Messages can be sent in confidence to the Malfetti family at