Lloyd L. Gilbert Dies at 42

Lloyd L. Gilbert

Lloyd L. Gilbert, also known as “Bolo,” of Estate Upper Love died on April 23. He was 42 years old.

He is survived by his father, Linus Gilbert; mother, Annorah Gilbert; brother, Leon Gilbert; daughter, Leandra Gilbert; sons: Shakeem Gilbert and Kasai Gilbert; nephew, Jahneel Gilbert; godfather, Joseph Marten; aunts: Frances Abraham, Juliana Moreau, Roberte Marie-Helen Cazaubon, Agnes Gifford (Texas), Sylvania Merrifield – also known as Jackie — (Texas), Cecile Abraham (Texas), Madona Abraham, Jennifer Lubrin-Abraham, Lisa Abraham, Idonia Debora Gilbert, Gloria Monrose, Leopha Gilbert, Dariah Poyotte (St. Lucia) and Lucia, Phillips (UK); uncles: Narcisse Abraham, Yves Abraham, Francis Abraham, Micheal Moreau, James (Aba) Gilbert, Scott Gilbert, John “Crushan” Gilbert (Texas) and Anthony Mathurin; great uncles: Oliver Cuffy, Levi Cuffy, Phillip Abraham and Patrick Abraham; great aunts: Josephine Prescott, Rurthine Theodile, Justine Dariah, Ursula Theophilus, Marylane Theophilus, Albertah Charles (Texas), Mary Justin, Daphne Gilbert (UK) and Melia Gilbert (UK).

He is also survived by cousins: Brian Henry, Jairzhino and Sue-Ann Marten, Marcus and Elize Moreau, Malinda Gilbert, Kenneth and Kareem Cazaubon, Angelique Gifford-Hughes, Joseph and Duran Gifford, Lue-Ann Fludd, Raquel Merrifield-Maddox, Diana and De-Ann Merrifield, Jennifer and Jessica Moise, Narcissa Abraham-Leo, Romaire, Claudell, Nigel, Shamal, Evana, Jaeda and Annell Abraham, Casey, Jonathan, Jeremy Gilbert, Jermaine, Craig, James Jr., Lamar Gilbert, Elias Charles, Darran Gilbert, Keran and Danley Jean, Nadia, Luander, Shana and Briana Gilbert, Tyson Perry, Jaran Sylvester, Lucius, Josh, James Jr. Phillips (UK), Mayra Gilbert-Jn-Marie, Laniece Gilbert, Jeremy, Johnathan, John And Jenise Gilbert, Elissa Charles, Tamara, Sharon, Melissa, Sherryann, Juliema, Jermaine, Anna, Jonice Gilbert, Michelle Simon, Boshar, Shandel, and Toni Phillips (UK), Ajani “Brotha” Euryspthee and Cliff, Sydney, Simon, Eddy and Francillia Francis.

Other survivors include extended relatives and friends: Naicha Mintas, Chakimba Williams, Abraham Family, Cuffy Family, Lawrence Family, Prescott Family, Estephane Family, Mathurin Family, Raymond Family, Lubrin Family, Brow Family, Cameron Family, Carrion Family, Billy Abraham, Noreen Vigilant, Williams Family, Xavier Family, Gonzalez Family, Gasper Blaze, St. Claire Family, Frances Augustin, Lorel Callwood, Thema and Gussie Family, Bianca Emile, Pricilla Vigilant, Selma Felician, Pascal and St. Rose Family, Montoria Family, Riviere Family, Frogger, Mikey, Michael, Alvin, Leslin, Barry, Nix, Jason, Kent, Tarzan, Sted, Dalton, Byron, Chocolate, Clarkey, Baha, Dama, Dave, Cali, Ancient King, Shakuma and Lion; as well as other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.

The family appreciates your support and condolences; however, due to the current situation and mandates, a private burial will be held on Saturday, May 16. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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