Letter to VIPA: Tear Down this Wall!


An Open Letter to VIPA,

Port Authority, please take down the 10-foot-high barbed-wire fence lining our streets at the “gravel parking lot.” We are a lovely island, with wonderful people, we don’t need to look like a prison yard as a centerpiece in our Cruz Bay.

There are alternatives to such an insulting fence. For instance, there are many old WAPA poles laying all over our island. By stubbing up and capping with a long pole, along with landscaping, the Port Authority could make sure no one got out without paying, and we could have an attractive fencing which will be in keeping with a Cruz Bay appearance which we may be proud of. Perhaps, some left over STJ Capital Funds could help fund this change, but, regardless:

Please, “Tear Down This Wall!”

Steve Black
St. John

Original Source: https://stjohnsource.com/2020/01/28/letter-to-vipa-tear-down-this-wall/