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Letter to the Editor – A Call to Action for the Passage of the Recycling Bills

Dear Friends,

As you know the last two bills in trilogy of Recycling Bills sent to the Legislature by the Governor have been strongly supported by many Senators.  The Plastic Bag Ban bill has passed and becomes effective January 1, 2017.  The other two bills, the Recycling Bill (Source Separation and Composting) and the Beverage  Container Deposit Bill are ready to bring to the full Legislature for a vote, but have been held up in the Rules Committee.

The Governor said at the Governor’s Recycling Task Force meeting with all of the Commissioners of the various Departments that these two bills could be brought up for a vote from the floor by “ Special Order”.  Senator Blyden, who has been a sponsor and major supporter of these bills will call for a Special Order to bring these two bills up for a vote on December 20th, the last session of this Legislature.  It is very important that these two bills be passed before this session of the legislature ends.  The longer these bills are delayed the less chance for them to pass.

If you care about recycling and cleaning up the litter on the roadsides, please call and email the Senators to  ask them to support a Special Order to bring these two bills to the floor for a vote on December 20th.  Even 10 calls or emails to one senator can make a difference!  Please contact them all to show community support for these bills!  Senators names, email and phone number are listed below.  If the community does not support these bills, they may not pass!

Please forward this message!

Doug White
Island Green Living

Here is the number for the Leglislature Switchboard, 340 774 0880, ask for the individuals Senators’ office.

Senator Neville A. James           (Senate President)
Senator Janette Millin Young   
Senator Myron D. Jackson       
Senator Jean A. Forde              
Senator Nereida Rivera O’Reilly
Senator Clifford F. Graham       
Senator Novelle E. Francis Jr.   
Senator Justin Harrigan Sr.       
Senator Almando “Rocky” Liburd
Senator Terrence A. Nelson     
Senator Tregenza A. Roach, Esq
Senator Sammuel Sanes          
Senator Kurt A. Vialet             
Senator Marvin A. Blyden