DPW Starts Much Needed Work on Pine Peace Basketball Court



The Pine Peace basketball court, above, is undergoing construction.

Department of Public Works Commissioner Darryl Smalls announced last week that the rehabilitation work on the Pine Peace Basketball Court on St. John began. 

“The department has contracted the services of Stone Masonry, Inc. in the amount of $368,620,” said Smalls. “The scope of the project includes addressing the drainage by elevating the entire property and installing a subsurface drainage system. The project will also incorporate the reconstruction and resurfacing of the basketball court, installation of new backboards and bleachers, and the construction of a new restroom facility.”

The basketball court will be closed while the construction and rehabilitation work is ongoing, Smalls added.
DPW did not release information about how long the court is expected to be closed due to the construction.

“I encourage anyone who goes near the site to adhere to safety warnings and other directional signs,” he said.